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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Friends And Family Reads


'Snowed In' by Rachel Hawthorne. Once again, Rachel Hawthorne has given me an eBook that I cannot put down until I finish it. Thrilling to the very end. Young love, blizzards, small town environment = Perfect winter story. I feel that I should not tell the plot of the story because it will give it away - you will just have to read it to figure it out for yourself.

'Amazing Friendships' by Paul Barrass. How do you know whether someone is a casual friend or simply an acquaintance? How do you rid yourself of a toxic friend? Amazing Friendships answers these questions and more in an accessible yet informative tone. Paul guides us on an amazing journey of friendship which transforms our lives. The advice in this book has helped me have more friendships that I value and enjoy, as it has others I have shared it with. Let me shar something with you! Below is a Coupon Code so that you can receive a Discount on either of these eBook Titles.

Snowed In eBook edition by Hawthorne, Rachel
Well, apparently I live here now—my mom just bought the place. And named it after me, Ashleigh, which was nice. But did she know how cold it is here?? Um, it's a tiny island with not much to do, unless you really like sleigh
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Amazing Friendships:How to Make and Keep Friends the Friendcraft Way! (Adobe Reader) eBook edition by Barrass,Paul
Amazing Friendships is packed with tips, insights and activities to help you make friends, strengthen friendships and build a personal community of friends for a happier and more satisfying life. (For more, visit: www.friendcraft.org).
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